Our Services

With a technical team boasting 100’s of years of combined industry experience, ESS can design and supplying scaffold for any project including detailed shop drawings, custom scaffold designs and engineer certifications. During the past decade ESS has worked with over 150 regular clients and can offer firm lump sum prices for projects, including hire, transport and labour or alternatively in a service arrangement supplying labour and/or material.


ESS is the only current Scaffold Company to own and supply Kwik Stage and Layher material. With over 16 000 tonne of material on-hand, ESS can provide material to concurrent substantial projects. Our material is subject to stringent particle and visual checks to ensure it is in constant compliance and is constantly refurbished to ensure its appearance meets our exacting standards.


ESS offers quality service for all facets of scaffold construction. The scaffolders have extensive industry experience and a highly regarded reputation for reliability and cost-effective rates. As the face of our company, our staff are skilled, competent Scaffolders who all hold national certificates of competency that help promote our service through their ethic and scaffold know-how. With a firm focus on safety in conjunction with productivity our staff is at the forefront of bringing your project in on time and safely.

Site supervisors

ESS has a team of dedicated site supervisors with extensive industry knowledge that can manage any size project. Our aim is to provide the management to ensure that your project is in constant compliance with the relevant codes of practice and industry standards and ensure that resources are allocated in accordance with builder programs and deadlines.

Safety awareness

ESS is at the forefront of the increasing nature of safety and WHS awareness across all facets of the industry. ESS is WHS compliant and due to the nature of our industry, safety always remains a priority. Our dedicated staff is constantly challenged to increase their WHS awareness and have been successful in adopting the stringent requirements across Tier 1 builders. Our recent successes on major projects with nil loss time injuries is evidence of our continual commitment to safety and the fact we have been earmarked as preferred suppliers with assistance from principle contractors to evolve our safety systems indicate our awareness and commitment to WHS. ESS was asked to speak with The Master Builders Safety Alliance giving expert advice regarding fire retardant chain and shade. ESS was the first to carry out testing on their materials to make sure the highest safety standards were adhered to.

Safety First

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